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Buck has probably helped more dentist find places to lease in Oregon and Washington than any other broker. As a practicing dentist in Portland for 28 years and a broker for almost 10, he has insight and experience with dentists and the entire leasing process.
  • Buck can help you identify the best location based on your personal criteria.
  • He can analyze demographic data, traffic patterns, and the dental economic needs for the selected area. In the site selection process, Buck can competently represent your interests in dealing with the landlord or owner.
  • Buck can also prepare a letter of intent for the proposed lease space, negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease and refer the leasing dentist to an attorney who specializes in reviewing leases.
  • In all lease transactions the landlord or owner pays the lease commission to the brokers, therefore you, the dentist, has no financial obligations in this process.
We welcome your questions about when, where, and how to lease space for your dental practice. Contact us to learn more.

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